Offered mainly in non-government schools, scholarships and bursaries affect the overall tuition fee paid for a student.

A Scholarship is a percentage amount determined by the School to help fund the costs of an independent education. They are awarded on a merit-base.
Scholarships are often offered in academics, music, sports, boarding and as an all rounder and based on the students academic transcripts and ability as well as various documentation supporting the character of the student.
To be granted a scholarship, students may be required to sit and exam or testing, interviews with the Principal/Headmistress or Headmaster and provide personal financial information (dependent on scholarship).
Scholarships are decided upon by the School or offered in honour of an Old Scholar or prominent persona attached to the School community.

A Bursary is a monetary award that is granted on the basis of financial need that does not have to be repaid. A bursary is often negotiated between the parent and the School.