Australia as 100The hunt for the ‘right’ school has many items on the list – is it nearby?,  can we afford it?, do they run a particular program?, do any kids we know go there? – the list goes on and on. We also know that parents often choose a school because it ‘feels’ right or because it has ‘people like us’. Fit and feel are important things to consider when selecting a school for your child.

The 2016 Census results tell us that Australia is a changing place – this great interactive infographic from the ABC shows us Australia as 100 people. Take a look and use it as part of your information in your school choice. Ask yourself the important question – am I choosing a school that looks like me or one that looks like Australia?

Remember, your child is going to school, not you, and allowing them to develop the skills to navigate our society of the future is more important than the latest buildings and manicured grounds.